Read What Peter Cooper of The Tennessean has to say about the Cooperstand   
(July 12, 2013)

   You’ve never seen a guitar stand like this one. Cooperstand addresses the typical stringed instrument support device in a completely new and non-typical way. It's extremely stable and fits inside gig bags and most guitar cases.

   Cooperstand is a great choice for the performing musician looking for a professional musical accessory that does an unsurpassed job as an acoustic guitar stand, electric guitar stand, bass guitar stand, banjo stand, dobro stand, or mandolin stand.

   Cooperstand combines artistic good looks, versatile full size functional strength, with minimal size compatibility, and portability. All of this in one very small package.

   Cooperstand now offers 6 different products to suit almost any of your needs. They are:

  • The Pro-G...the original, winner of Best In Show Award at NAMM 2010. It securely supports acoustic, electric or bass guitar, ukulele, mandolin and more. Neatly packs  away in most gig cases or bags.
  • The Pro-Mini...shares all of the superior qualities of the Pro-G but in a compact size. Uniquely designed to hold ukulele, violin, mandolin or even your iPad.
  • The Pro-Tandem...securely supports two instruments. Acoustic, electric and bass guitar, ukulele, mandolin, violin and more! Comes in a black velveteen bag. Folds up in 2 quick moves to store in the back of many amplifiers or gear bags.
  • The our environmentally-conscious version of the Pro-G. Specifically fabricated from 1st-run Recycled Industrial Grade ABS Composite, it is meant to be long-lasting and "Ecco" friendly.
  • Duro-Pro Composites...has the same great features as our popular Ecco-G Recycled Composite Stand. Now in two brilliant colors (Red and Blue) cast in virgin industrial grade ABS composite.
  • The Pro-Glow...shares all the same great features as our Duro-Pro Stand. The Pro-Glo model glows in the dark (never fumble to find your stand again when the lights go out).

  • The Pro-B (Banjo)...Pro-B supports an open or resonator back banjo. It will also support certain resonator, jazz guitars, to include Dobro type instruments with bodies up to 3” thick at the bout.

     Stringed instrument stands are designed and intended for temporary, support of an instrument when the instrument is not stored in a protective case. Cooperstand does not recommend the use of commercially manufactured stands for long term use, permanent display or storage. Our products are tested safe for finishes we have tested, and most instrument finishes on the market including nitrocellulose lacquer. However there are thousands of finishes on the market, so it’s impossible to test every finish used. It is the instrument owner’s responsibility to read our test results, our warranty and refer to the instrument’s owner manual for further information regarding proper instrument storage. Cooperstand, Coopercopia LLC or its agents will not assume responsibility for how you use our products.
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