About Us

Daniel Cooper

I was the son of a tool and die maker, so making and inventing things just seems to run in my blood. I was born in Indiana but my family migrated to California where I went to high school in Orange County, California. I served four years in the Air Force as a crew chief and in-flight mechanic from 1967 to 1971. Later I attended Santa Anna College with a major in art. I ended up as lab tech for the art department there in addition to later running a wood shop for the government in Hawaii for eleven years. During those years I pursued my passion for surfing and continued surfing for about 40 years. After returning to California after the government shut down the wood shop I continued my artistic endeavors and was a juried artist in Western art for many years winning many awards in that field , in addition to making custom knives. I was honored to have my knife making skills featured in an edition in Popular Mechanics magazine. Woven into all these artistic endeavors, my passion for music was satisfied by playing in bands and recording along the way. I moved to Nashville in 2001 shortly after 9/11 happened to pursue songwriting and whatever else Nashville had to offer.

As it turned out the music industry in Nashville was going through some pretty heavy changes that really didn’t make it all that attractive to me. During the recession, I came up with the idea of a folding guitar stand that would fit in the case after trying to walk into a gig at a local club, Douglas Corner, with my soon to be wife and business partner, Melanie Dyer. We worked on prototypes for over six months, with me working in the shop like a mad scientist and only coming out to get Melanie’s approval on each one. Finally, after going through probably two dozen prototypes over six months, Melanie convinced me I was on to something, and that if we were going to market this it had to be done right with a patent lawyer, trademarks and the whole nine yards. Fortunately, with my background in building things and my art skills I was able to present the prototype to the patent lawyer and find out if it was original enough to patent. A search verified that it was, and we began our business as Coopercopia LLC. (We received our utility patent on the original folding guitar stand in a record year and a half). The product was called the Cooperstand.

Our first NAMM show we attended we didn’t have a booth, but introduced ourselves and our product to various industry leaders. We had arranged a meeting with Bob Taylor owner of Taylor Guitars, and though he missed the meeting due to an over-run of a meeting, we immediately went back the next day first thing in the morning. He took the stand in his hand after we demonstrated it and asked if he could have it. Of course, we agreed and shortly thereafter the wood Pro-G Cooperstand became a co-branded product in the TaylorWare accessories department and Taylor has continued to add other Cooperstand products. Tom Bedell with Bedell guitars also came onboard at that first NAMM show we attended and soon we were manufacturing products and filling orders for stores, international distributors, and co-branding for other brands such as Breedlove, Kamaka, Deering, and now Godin. We are still experiencing growth with online dealers, retail, and international. It has been a huge learning curve and we are still learning and growing. Our first NAMM show that we did in Nashville in 2010 we won a “Best of Show” award.

We have now received two recent additional patents and our registered trademark name Cooperstand is a recognized name in the music products world. In a town where “it all begins with a song”, for us, it all began with an idea, a dream, and then a reality. We hope to be releasing new industry innovations in the next few years.

Melanie Dyer

I was born and raised in a small town in Southwest Virginia and was one of seven kids. We are a pretty musical and artistic family. I think I was probably the quiet one growing up, and read so many books my parents had to give them away every year. I started singing early on and I knew I wanted to do something in my life that had to do with music. Since I was an avid reader, it also seemed to inspire the desire to write so I started doing that an early age too. It wasn’t until I went to college at University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA that I learned people would actually pay me to do that. One of the ways that I helped pay my way through college was singing at all the nearby military bases, clubs, and restaurants nearby. A local man began recording some of the songs I was writing. I finished my credits for college in three and half years by going to summer school and began a stint on the road playing for clubs, après ski, and small concerts out West, flying back to Fredericksburg to receive my diploma for a degree in Sociology and Criminology. I stayed on that course, before moving to Nashville.

After several attempts at publishing company deals, I opened my own publishing company and was fortunate to receive a few cuts with artists such as Tom Rush, Rick Trevino and others. All the while, I had also taken a position with a major airline flying all over the place. I figured that’s where my Sociology degree was applied, maybe my Criminology too.

Several years ago, after already starting the Coopercopia LLC/Cooperstand business with my husband/business partner Daniel Cooper I retired from the airline job and have been able to devote more time to music and the music products business. I am a full partner in the business, and have watched it grow from the embryo stage, R &D, intellectual property growth, retail, online and distributor growth. It has been fun, scary, crazy, and challenging. I know the best is still ahead, as we continue to monitor quality, our business model, and present new and innovative products.