What The Pros Say




"This has to be one of, if not the best, innovative piece of gear for the musician to come along in a while. Unique, useful, durable, well machined, beautiful materials and easy to operate. This guitar stand not only looks good but is made to compliment and protect the guitar at the same time. It is lightweight, compact and will fit all guitars and will pack in most guitar cases and zip up instrument travel bags. Now that I've used it for a while, I can't find anything negative about it. I just wish it could have been called THE CROPPERSTAND."



"Among the highlights in last night's concert was meeting you and having your guitar stand on stage cradling my beloved Olson guitar safe and secure. What an ingenious work of art. I have already permanently utilized the Cooperstand in my studio as a mainstay. It takes up virtually very little room, is more portable than the mind can comprehend and can fit and travel in any one's back pack, carry on, gig bag or guitar case. The craftsmanship is par excel-lance and is made of the best materials. No wonder so many guitarists are buying your Cooperstand. It blows all the others away. Thank you for creating it. I hope to get a hold of a couple more soon."


"Your guitar (and mandolin) stand is outstanding." Since I now only perform acoustically in a duo with Herb Pedersen I don't carry a guitar stand on the road and rely on the venue to supply one. This is not always a reality and "I can't tell you how many times I've had to balance my mandolin or guitar on the back of a chair...What a great idea, thanks so much."


"The Cooperstand is, without a doubt, the best guitar stand I've ever seen. The design and quality of workmanship are absolutely first rate. It's the perfect stand for your finest vintage instruments". 


"Hi Daniel, Just wanted to let you know I'm enjoying my Cooperstand. Worked in Cal 4 this week. Small acoustic iso booth, not much room, but because the stand is designed to keep the guitar upright it really worked great and kept me from having to lay my trusty Santa Cruz on my chair. Thanks again!"


"For a guitar player, the Cooperstand is the best thing since sliced bread. The craftsmanship would put a smile on old C.F. Martin's face, and to top it off...it fits in my case!!!"


"Cooperstand -It’s elegantly simple, and simply elegant.” "The Cooper stand is a very elegant design. Streamlined and compact. I dig it!" 


"The Cooper stand is a very elegant design. Streamlined and compact. I dig it!""


"The absolute COOLEST guitar stand I have come across!!"


"Great design. Great craftsmanship. And the portability is a huge bonus. The best guitar stand I've ever seen."


"This is the coolest stand. Can you say 'super cool cooperstand' 3 times fast?"







"I have two Cooper Stands. Very portable and very stable. A great design."







"Hi Daniel! I got my new Duropro stand that you sent last week and finally got to use it yesterday. Wow; there is nothing more beautiful than when something works perfectly as it was designed to, and is utterly simple in its execution. I absolutely love this stand!! I have no qualms putting a $4000 guitar on a $25 stand. Thanks for building such a wonderful product!!!"