Intellectual Property


Coopercopia LLC, owner and inventors of the Cooperstand product line owns three patents at this time. These are utility patents and cover function and mechanism in our product in addition to design.

Patent no: US 8,146,870 
Patent no: US9,010,700 
Patent no: US9,010,701 

We have observed and turned over to our legal department potential patent infringements, especially through imports from China. Certain manufacturers make many co-branded copycat, knockoff or direct patent infringed products and may sell them through the Alibaba or other sites like Alibaba and even Amazon. Please use extreme caution in buying and selling these products. Please remember the sale of counterfeit goods is illegal. Contact us if you see examples of this type of patent infringement of our products.


Cooperstand is a registered and recognized trademark throughout the world. We went to the expense and protection early on of protecting our trade name in many countries, including China. If you see a product that is not ours carrying or using our trademark illegally to sell their products, please notify us.

Authorized Dealers

We have many wonderful authorized dealers. Not all online dealers, however, are authorized dealers of Cooperstand products. We do not offer any kind of warranty to customers who buy from unauthorized dealers, or dealers who sell seconds, used product, or returned products. Please check with us before purchasing if you have a question about purchasing from an authorized dealer. View our warranty page for further information.


Please remember buying and selling counterfeit products is illegal. Most counterfeit products have skipped a few steps in quality though they may look good on the surface. Some counterfeit operations are actually run by organized crime. Alibaba has recently called counterfeiting a “cancer” and is currently being sued by the maker of the Gucci bags and purses brand Kering. In the music products business representatives are sent to trade shows with the sole purpose of taking photographs of new and innovative products, so they can rush back and start manufacturing their version of a patent or non-patented product. We ask that we all do our part by reporting counterfeited products as well as products that are patent infringements. Plain and simple, it is stealing profits from legitimate business, and if you buy counterfeits you are contributing to the problem. As a citizen and consumer you can report to